Immigration Medical

* English spoken only. If you are not comfortable communicating in English, please bring a translator.

* Valid government issued photo ID
(Valid Passport/Canadian Drivers License/IFH refugee protection claimant document).

*Any official papers you received from Immigration Canada
(work permit, visitor permit, study permit, IRCC, IFH refugee document, etc…)

* All prescribed medications in English
(with medication name and dosage instruction).

* Any specialist or surgical reports in English

* Your prescribed eyeglasses or contacts.

* An Interpreter – only if necessary

* Drink plenty of water for urine sample and blood testing

*** We take the photos, so no need to bring photos with you.

* Eat lightly on the day of your exam (do not fast).

* The appointments take approximately 1 hour:

– You will provide a urine sample in office
– Chest X-Ray and Blood Work at Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital

(Chest X-Ray and Blook Work will be done after the exam in our office. We will arrange the Blood test and X-Ray appointments on the same day.)

* After your exam is completed, we will provide you an information sheet as proof of eMedical document with your photo and case number for submission to IRCC and tracking purposes.

Your completed medical results will be submitted to IRCC electronically usually within 10 business days.

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